To many homeowners, selling a home during the holidays sounds like a stressful, unproductive experience. The objections come from two categories:

Holiday listings are a hassle:
Mom won’t be able to put up all of her favorite decorations.
The phone will ring all through Thanksgiving dinner.
We’ll have to kick Grandma and Grandpa out every day during nap time for showings.

Holiday listings are unproductive:
Almost all home sales happen in the summer.
Everyone travels during the holidays, so all of the buyers will be out of town.
There are very few home buyers in the winter, and they will still be looking in spring.

While many of these old stand-bys were true in years past, the way real estate is conducted and the way consumers buy homes has shifted dramatically in recent years. There are a lot of significant reasons today to have your home listed for sale during the holidays.

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