Dear Millennials,
Early this summer I wrote my first letter to your cohort, specifically to those of you who were in a position to buy a home this year. That’s about 2% of you—and in many economic respects, you are the lucky ones.
This letter goes out to those of you who are not so lucky. Not yet, anyway.
I had the honor of speaking to a bunch of you at George Washington University with HUD Secretary Julián Castro on Monday at a town-hall event where we heard from you about your concerns and worries about housing (via social media, natch).

Your generation, born between 1981 and 2000, is our country’s largest and holds the most potential. I voraciously read every study and survey about you (related to housing, that is), and they all say the same thing: You believe in homeownership and its role in building wealth for the middle class.
Right now you are having a hard time seeing a path to get there any time soon, because you face several economic challenges.

Smart leaders such as Castro are focused on you and resolving those challenges. But here’s what you can do.  CLICK HERE...