Lately, we have seen something that we haven't seen or expected in a long time, lower oil prices. There are alot of reasons why the price of a barrel of oil is headed lower. We have better MPG on most new cars. Most trucks on the road have converted to cleaner natural gas. More oil on the market due to "Fracking". Whatever the reasons we should be very happy. Gas is priced around $3.00 a gallon for regular right now and could go down another $1.00 a gallon.

Why is it good for real estate? The average family, depending on how much they drive, will save about $700 per year that would have gone to the gas pump. That money will now go into the general economy. That's good! It also will cost less at the supermarket, why? it will cost less to get the goods to the market. Bottom line... iT WILL GIVE OUR ECONOMY A BIG BOOST, AND THAT WILL INSTILL CONFIDENCE! Thus a better housing market!