When the app revolution began, the smartphone suddenly started to assume the functions of what used to be separate gadgets - cameras, GPS devices, MP3 players, eBooks, handheld games, remote controls and much more.

http://realtytimes.com/consumeradvice/homeownersadvice1/item/41574-20160115-ces-2016-new-led-bulbs-do-more-than-light-upIn the same way, the smart LED lightbulb is beginning to do things other than just light up. Plenty examples of smart LED lightbulbs illuminated the show floor at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week.

Perhaps the most aggressive smart LED bulb integrator continues to be Sengled. This company is already selling Sengled Pulse Solo, an LED bulb-plus-Bluetooth speaker, Boost, the LED bulb-plus-Wi-Fi-repeater, and most recently, the Sengled Snap, an indoor-outdoor light with an integrated 1080p Wi-Fi camera.

At CES, Sengled presented two new LED bulb-plus products: the Voice and Flex.

The Flex is a Wi-Fi speaker bulb. Like the previous Pulse Solo speaker bulb, the Flex includes dual JBL speakers and, thanks to its Wi-Fi connections, will let you tap into Internet radio stations as well as your own music collections and playlists.
Aptly named, the Voice is actually the first truly "smart" bulb, because it can obey voice commands to turn on or off, and, like Apple's Siri or Amazon's Echo, it can answer questions. Inside the Voice are twin microphones and JBL speakers that allow it to control not only itself, but other smart home products as well. It can also play streaming music.

Voice's microphones can also hear potentially hazardous sounds such as barking dogs, breaking glass or crying babies. Depending on how you program Voice through its app, the bulb can transmit appropriate text alerts to your smartphone, plus signal other Voice bulbs you may have throughout your home to collectively flash or sound a siren.

Unfortunately, Sengled couldn't say when this potentially revolutionary bulb will go on sale other than sometime this year.
Look Ma, No Wires
Other companies also presented innovations that take LED bulbs to a whole new level.
Instead of reacting to commands, Stack Lighting's bulbs react to someone just walking into a room. Sensors built into the Stack Classic, available later this year, detect motion and occupancy and turn on or off appropriately. All of these features are customizable in its corresponding app.