16 Essential Tools for Your First Toolbox

  1. Toolbox (you need a place for everything!)
  2. Claw hammer (the claw is essential for pulling nails)
  3. Crescent wrench (small and adjustable)
  4. Electrical extension cord (for outdoor use; minimum 25 feet)
  5. Flashlight and extra batteries (heavy duty for those accidental drops)
  6. Flat-head screwdriver
  7. couple working with toolsLevel (handheld size)
  8. Phillips-head screwdriver
  9. Pliers (locking and adjustable)
  10. Power drill (with drill bits)
  11. Putty knife
  12. Safety goggles
  13. Scissors (heavy duty)
  14. Tape measure (minimum 12 feet)
  15. Work gloves
  16. Utility knife